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Which color the button should be

Everyone who designs knows this eternal dilemma, which color a button should – red or green. It’s like “To be or not to be?”, opinions differ. Briefly: perception occurs more subjectively, not objectively. Proceeding from this, we assume that there is no difference in the color of the button. But how, yes, we need clicks and increase conversions, what to do if there’s no perfect color? The output is – the contrast. This technique is very widely used in the design. For example, some designers like to use color combinations of chromatic auxiliary colors. Looks cool, fresh and instantly noticeable. Try as many options as possible and you may still find “exactly that color”.

What is a site header?

In the classic layout, the header block is located at the very top. It is that what people see for the first of all when they get on your project. Being in some sense an invitation, it contains the basic information about the product and the niche with which the site is connected – it is important that users can within a few seconds understand what is at stake. The design of the website caps has a wide field for creative solutions, but it must be catchy, concise and useful. Here are the key elements of navigation. The screenshot shows the homepage of the online comic book store: on top of the site’s header, you will find a logo, the main menu, as well as the basket and search icons. What is included in the site header? This block can include various objects: brand features: logo, name, brand name, slogan, talisman, a photo of the company or its head, etc .; information about the product or service being presented; links to important content elements (menus and navigation); links to profiles of social networks; contacts (telephone, e-mail, etc.); switching languages with a multilingual interface; the search block; the subscription field; links

What is a corporate identity?

Why does a bun with jam in a bakery cost much less than a similar one in a pastry shop? Maybe it’s because of the corporate style of the institution, which gives visitors a sense of comfort? Corporate identity is the identity of the enterprise, an important component of the brand. The brand consists not only of the name, symbol, color, which is necessary for the identification of the goods. This is the synergy of the impressions produced by the products of the consumer, the attitude to the product, the level of trust. A brand with a high-quality corporate style allows the company to place a higher cost on products. Development and promotion of the brand is the most effective marketing event of the non-price competition. The domestic consumer is loyal to the well-known trade, accordingly, is ready to pay more. The main functions of the corporate style Attracts the customer’s attention to the firm with the help of original design of the company’s logo, thereby stimulating consumer interest. Helps the consumer to navigate the information flow, allocates a firm among competitors. Corporate identity is perceived by the consumer as a guarantee of the solidity of the firm and the

The best books for junior designers

Where to start your design path? What needs to be read in order to better understand that design is not just a skill to work in a photoshop or sketch? Making and Breaking the Grid For designers who are working in any area, a layout is a most basic and most important element. An effective layout is quintessential that helps the user not only to use the design but also to be a part of it. This book is an excellent descriptive workshop that will help you effectively violate the rules of graphic design in order to create a cool product. The Vignelli Canon Tips from a recognized designer wizard for young designers that cover such important topics as typography, graphic design, fields, colors, and more. Through all the advice, the author’s reflections on the red thread, which help the practitioners to help those who study, and contribute to the development of their creativity.

TOP-5 signs that the designer needs to change work

Did you have a bad day in the studio? Or maybe a bad week? Or a few bad weeks? The situations are different, but the reality is that we spend too much time and energy at work, and we can not afford to be unhappy. A dream job may not be available, but this does not mean that you have to work only for the sake of earning money. Here are some signs that it’s time to move on: You do not have enthusiasm Not every role requires sharp ambitions, but if you do not have the enthusiasm to strive for advanced training and the development of new things, this is a sure sign that you are dissatisfied with your role. An integral part of the right career is finding new ways to improve your work and develop your position. Apathy is often the first sign that you need professional changes. You feel choking Instead of keeping you up, your manager checks your workflow and often criticizes it and timing it. You do not have creative autonomy, and your ideas are often removed or completely ignored. Despite numerous attempts to teach his boss the best way to communicate with you